ID Title
1022512 doc_pdfProposed Minimum and Guidance Levels for Platt Lake in Hillsborough County
1022513 doc_htmlProposed Minimum Flows and Levels for the Lower Peace River and Shell Creek
1022514 doc_pdfProposed Minimum Flows and Levels for the Middle Segment of the Peace River, from Zolfo Springs t
1022515 org
1022516 org
1022517 doc_pdfOn Our Pond Newsletter - Summer 2014
1022519 doc_htmlRiver of Interests: Water Management in South Florida and the Everglades, 1948-2010 (Updated 2012)
1022521 videoWater Movement in Soil
1022522 videoWhat is a Watershed? (And Why You Should Care)
1022523 doc_pdfLimnology
1022524 doc_pdfThe Limiting Factor Concept
1022525 doc_pdfEutrophication
1022526 doc_pdfBlue-Green Algae
1022527 doc_pdfMacrophytes
1022528 doc_pdfShallow and Deep Lakes
1022531 doc_pdfGottfried Creek (WBID 2049) Fecal Coliform TMDL
1022542 doc_pdfFecal Coliform TMDL for New River (WBID 3506), Dissolved Oxygen for New River (3506,A,B)
1022547 doc_pdfFecal Coliform TMDL for Brushy Creek (WBID 1498) (WBID 1516) (WBID 1507) (WBID 1563)
1022548 doc_pdfFecal Coliform TMDL for Bullfrog Creek (WBID 1666A) Bullfrog Creek (WBID 1666) (WBID 1688)
1022727 doc_pdfAdopt-A-Pond Newsletter - Spring 2014.pdf
1022551 doc_pdfFecal Coliform TMDL Mustang Ranch (1592C), Turkey (1578B), English (1552), Poley(1583) Creeks
1022552 doc_pdfDissolved Oxygen and Nutrient TMDL for Mustang Ranch Creek (WBID 1592C)
1022566 doc_htmlScallop Habitat Assessment Models
1022577 doc_pdfSouth Venice Civic Association Waterway Rehabilitation Project
1022581 doc_pdfSouth Venice Civic Association Waterway Rehabilitation Project